hi im francine!

& I'm raising money to buy a Mac!


My dad always told me that there's "no such thing as a free lunch", so I'm ready to work for my first Apple
companion! I grew up in a PC environment for all 21 years of my life, but I want to learn how to use the
Mac OS efficiently as well 'cause I think it’d come in handy in the web/startup/Apple-loving industries
I want to work in. I'd also appreciate a less conspicuous hunchback stature with a lightweight 3 lb.
Macbook Air in particular (vs. my current 6 lb. Dell laptop) when I need to lug around a note-taking
device across campus. Yes, 6 pounds is that heavy! #petitegirlproblems

So until I resume school in January, I’ll try my best to handle any tasks and queries submitted to me
down in the contact form--whatever it may be that I can assist you with! Hopefully I’ll have helped
you in some substantial way that will motivate you to donate to my cause, but if you’re tight on
currency, that’s okay too--it’ll all be part of a pay-it-forward movement in the end!

How can I earn your support?! I’ve got some starting ideas


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email me: francine@willworkforamac.com

Update: If you don't get a confirmation message upon submission, please try e-mailing me! Thank you!

Ask me anything; i'm here to help!

Bundles of HUGS & THANKS for your support!

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